Traveling by caravan is a love! What You Need to Know About Caravan Travel !!!

Traveling by caravan is a love! What You Need to Know About Caravan Travel !!!

Traveling by caravan is a love! What You Need to Know About Caravan Travel !!!

Traveling by caravan is a love! What You Need to Know About Caravan Travel !!!

As soon as you decide to travel with a caravan, one of the first things to do is to choose the caravan that suits your budget and personal preference. It is ideal to choose your caravan according to your destination, the route you will follow and the number of people. When choosing a caravan, you can benefit not only from purchasing but also from rental options. Type B driver’s license will be sufficient for the models of the motorhome, namely truck chassis and trailer, that is, connected to the rear of the vehicle. It is important for safety to use the caravan slower than usual, as it will be more loaded than normal vehicle use. It is always helpful to get advance information about the caravan you are going to buy or rent and to get recommendations from the experts of the business.

Set Your Route!

One of the most enjoyable aspects of caravan travel is to draw your own route freely. The first thing you need to do before determining your route is to decide on your budget and how many days your trip will last. Afterwards, drawing the route that suits you best will be one of the steps that make the flow of your trip beautiful. Another point to consider when creating your route is to check the road conditions and seasonal conditions and to prepare a suitable route and be prepared. Identify the places you want to go and collect detailed information about the caravan camps around. Although creating a route will make your journey easier, do not forget to go out of the route spontaneously and discover new places.

Search Accommodation Routes!

After choosing the appropriate caravan for you and planning your route, another thing you need to plan is to research caravan camps. While determining the suitable caravan camps for you while determining your route, it will be a great convenience for you during your journey. Some campsites even have pools and laundry rooms, while others are intended only to meet basic needs. Take care to choose accommodation and camping areas that suit your needs and preference. Remember, caravan travel is much more free than other trips, so don’t miss the luxury of taking a break, exploring new places and getting around.

Make A List For The Items You Need!

It is always helpful to prepare a pre-travel list of items and equipment you will need during your caravan trip. Do not forget to determine your needs according to the number of people and organize them in advance. This list that you will prepare before you travel, the things you will not think of and the completeness of anything that may be needed during your travel helps you make your journey more comfortable.

Do Not Neglect Electricity and Water Control!

During your caravan trip, two things that will take priority over everything will be electricity and water. Do not neglect to store electricity and water before you go on your journey and make sure you have information on how to do this storage in caravan camping areas. One of the things you should pay attention to when traveling with caravan is electricity. Electricity used when the vehicle is not running will cause battery drain after a while. Although it varies from caravan to caravan, generally caravans have 30 to 100 liters of water. This will be enough for the bathroom and kitchen in about one day. There is a separate tank for the toilet. The waste is discharged out with a button. To protect environmental cleanliness, we recommend that you do this in an empty, soil area. It is one of the most important details for you to check the hot water system before going on a journey. A hose and tool bag are among the things you need to take with you to fill the water tank.

Take Your Outdoor Goods Like Bicycle, Grill, Tent and Camping Table With You!

One of the most enjoyable aspects of caravan travels is the time spent outside. Do not forget to stop and enjoy the open air whether you want in camping areas or on the road. Items such as tents, camping tables, camping chairs, umbrellas, awnings and blankets will be very useful for when you spend outside. If you have parked your caravan far from the center and want to explore new places and visit the center, you may want to consider taking vehicles such as bicycles or motorcycles with you. Another indispensable barbecue … The barbecue you will prepare with your loved ones for hours of pleasant conversation will be complementary to your caravan trip.

Make Sure Your Personal and Household Items Are Complete!

Considering that you will use your caravan as a home during the trip, the items you need to take with you will be much more than any other trip. Do not forget to add blankets to your list regardless of summer or winter, especially bed linens, duvets and pillows for beds. Be sure to prepare your clothes, which you may need daily and at night, in accordance with the season. If you are planning to travel in the summer, we say that you do not forget to buy swimsuits and slippers according to the route you will follow. To be in the comfort of your home, take your daily toiletries, care products and towels with you. Prepare a first aid kit for both precautionary and medicines that you use regularly. Finally, do not forget to bring a book, hobby items or box games that you can play with your loved ones for your pleasure.

Remember the Necessary Items for Food and Kitchen

Of course, food and essential kitchen utensils are essential for a caravan trip. Prepare a list of food, drink and kitchenware before traveling. Although you have the opportunity to meet your food and beverage deficiencies from the city or village centers during your journey, having enough supplies will always make your job easier. Frozen, vacuumed or canned food will be ideal for long-term trips. Do not forget to add foods and basic foods such as fruits, vegetables, meat, chicken, bread, nuts and snacks to your list. There will be plenty of room in your trailer for water, tea, coffee and other drinks you wish. Let’s come to the items you may need in the caravan kitchen. Pans, kettle, cutlery set, plates and glasses are among these items. No matter how unnecessary it may be at first, scissors, lighter, matches, thermos, garbage bags and paper towels are among the things you may need during your travel. You can even take your equipment to brew tea or coffee with you to pamper yourself.

Take Your Electronic Items That Will Make Your Life Easier

No matter how unnecessary it may seem at first, do not forget to bring electrical appliances that can make your life easier. Don’t forget to take electronic items like lighter charging and USB multiplexer with you so that you can charge your phones and other electronic devices. One of the things you should pay attention to when traveling with a caravan is the electricity used when the vehicle is not running. Therefore, you will need an extension cord to use the electrical unit in caravan campsites. Do not forget the alarm and lock system for the safety of the items. Lantern, candle, speaker and extension lighting systems are among the details that will accompany your evening pleasure.

Learn Technical Information About Your Caravan

Another thing you need to do before you travel is to have technical information about your caravan. To be prepared for any situation, after buying or renting a caravan, you should learn all the details from a specialist, or even take a starting lesson if you want. Knowing how to deal with tire bursts or possible problems with lamps will be extremely useful. The phone number of a service that you can reach generally about vehicle malfunctions should always be with you. Apart from that, the stability of drawers and cabinets will always be important for your safety.

The confidence and comfort of traveling “with your own home” and caravan routes are now more attractive. How about witnessing the sunrise and the melody of the birds with luxury caravan holidays while you have the freedom to decorate your own caravan as you wish? Caravans will be the determinant of travel trends in the coming years. Here, reviewing the caravan routes of Turkey …

Ada Camping, CA on / Ayvalik

Ada Camping, located right across the island of Lesbos and near Cunda Island, is one of the stops that should be on your caravan travel route. Covering a kitchen, washing machine, shower, playground and sports area, Ada Camping also offers caravan and bungalow rental options. While we are here, we would like to visit the city center and the islands nearby. A holiday destination that leaves you alone with nature with its private beach, lush green areas and a fascinating sea view…

Kaş Camping, Antalya

Who wouldn’t want to have a holiday in a seafront camping area? Kas Camping, with its bungalows, club rooms, tent and caravan area, is the ideal location for camping lovers in the summer months. Since the camping area, which meets your basic needs such as electricity and water, is located very close to the center, we would not be deprived of trying local flavors. A pleasant holiday with your loved ones is waiting for you in touch with nature.

Yedigöller National Park, Bolu

Located between the unique natural beauty is located in Bolu, Turkey … Seven Lakes Seven Lakes National Park, the caravans traveling between locations of those indispensable. Yedigöller, which has a fairy-tale landscape and a mysterious nature, is ideal for both caravan and tent camps.

Azmakbaşı Camping, Muğla

Azmakbaşı Camping, located near the ancient cities of Caria and Keramos, is located in a charming bay. The camp, which offers many possibilities from restaurant to market, from bungalows to tent, is also only 150 meters from the beach. The Azmakbaşı camping area, located on the lake in Akbük Bay, which emerged after the renovation of the old village house in 2010, is among the ideal locations to get away from the city crowd.

Salda Lake, Yeşilova / Burdur

Salt Lake, free camping is among the most beautiful areas of Turkey. We recommend that you evaluate freely camping with your own caravan, no matter how much paid camping sites are around. You can meet your basic needs or your needs such as electricity and water from the facilities around Lake Salda. Turkey is known as the Maldives, Salt Lake, the destinations should definitely go and see the camping enthusiasts.

Kaya Camping, Cappadocia

Cappadocia that everyone should go and see once in their life… Kaya Camping, located in Göreme district of Cappadocia, is only 12 km away from the center and has a breathtaking view with its being on the hill. Kaya Camping, which should be on your camping route, is known as a camping area that meets many needs such as washing machine, shower, toilet and kitchen and you can find anything you want. We do not miss the fascinating sunrise offered by the camping area where everything is thought for travel lovers.

Gargara Camping, Assos / Çanakkale

Gargara Kamp, located on Küçükkuyu-Asos coastal road, is a seafront camping area near Kaz Mountains. You can take advantage of the kitchen area in this camping area where you are surrounded by nature, have pleasant evening meals in restaurants and enjoy the clear waters of the Aegean.

Everything You Need For Camping

The first step to reach peace is escape to nature. Camps, which allow to take care of all shades of green and blue and to live with them for a short time, promise peace with the healing power of nature. Learn everything you need for a camping adventure where you can fully enjoy nature.