Ingredients for Pastry Recipe
500 gramdandan40 pieces of onions2 garlic100 grams butter1 tablespoon vinegar1 tea spoon cumin1 dessert spoon salt1 dessert spoon powder sugar1 tea spoon black pepper1 teaspoon1spoon1 tea spoon cinnamon5 water glass boiling water

Pastry Recipe How to make?
First peel the shallots and garlic one by one.

Take the butter in a pressure cooker and add the meat when the oil melts. Rinse the broth and fry until it draws again.

After the meat is completely drained, add the shallots and garlic you have peeled. Roast until the colors of the onions are pink.

After adding the boiling water, add the vinegar, spices and powdered sugar.

Close the pressure cooker lid and allow to cook for about 30 minutes on low heat.

At the end of the cooking time, put it on a serving plate and serve hot and hot.