◊♣◊♦♦Greenland to meet the true meaning of the word epic♦♦◊♣◊

◊♣◊♦♦Greenland to meet the true meaning of the word epic♦♦◊♣◊

◊♣◊♦♦Greenland to meet the true meaning of the word epic♦♦◊♣◊

◊♣◊♦♦Greenland to meet the true meaning of the word epic♦♦◊♣◊

∇Δ♥The Most Impressive Destinations You

Should in 2019♥∇Δ

  • creation; 23 February 2020 12:00

National Geographic has determined the most impressive destinations of 2019.

If you want to experience a brand new adventure on your next trip, we recommend you to take a look at the most impressive spots that National Geographic has chosen over the world.

French Polynesia to watch the eclipse in a paradise

What French Polynesia teaches you is how little you actually need. Because this is a place where you can touch the elements of “life” with air, water, earth and fire rather than being the address of museums or popular places. The closest point to heaven on earth to watch the solar eclipse that will take place on July 2, 2019.

Vevey, Switzerland to attend the rare festival that takes place in every generation

Fete des Vignerons, which was held only five times in a century, is a festival that has been held since 1797, honoring the richest wine in the Lavaux region. The event and vintage celebrations, which are also recognized by the UNESCO Cultural Heritage, will be held from July 20 to August 11.

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Mexico City, Mexico to taste original flavors

The center of Mexico is now taking the gastronomic high tortilla to a new dimension by glorifying the corn grown with natural and traditional methods against processed corn flour. You can taste the best examples of this with Molino “El Pujol” and Cintli, which come from the famous chef Enrique Olvera cuisine. Don’t be indifferent to the high current this August, which allows Mexico to renew its pride list after its musicians and artists.

Oman to explore geography on the back of Arabian horses

For the past few years, the Oman ruler has been reconstructing the sultan’s horse culture. So much so that many people are taking steps to support their breeding by recalling Arabian horses. Horse riders can also enjoy this pleasure in the middle of the infinite redness of the Arabian Sea, in the geography between the mountains of Hacer and the Nakhur valley.

Fanjingshan, China to see the new UNESCO World Heritage site

To climb a mountain from the clouds and visit the sacred Buddhist temple area, you can turn your route into one of the most mystical areas in Asia, China. You can climb the peculiar rocky mountain in 7664 steps or take the cable car. However, you may want to take a closer look and enjoy the moment to discover biodiversity and rare species in the region.

Dakar, Senegal to explore the style center of West Africa

Dakar, which is stylish and chaotic, proud of being African, yet speaks French, where the roads are shared by SUVs and carts, is one of the must-see places during the Dakar Fashion Week in June. It is one of the most spectacular cities in West Africa with its eccentric nightlife and lifestyle that begins to play a role from New York.

Dordogne, France to experience the fairy tale

In Dordogne, which will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its cultural wealth in 2019, the French, Spanish, Italians and Catalans live together. It should be noted that this idyllic idyllic region has turned into a desire route with nine Michelin starred restaurants, luxury hotels, golf courses and 15 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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Greenland to meet the true meaning of the word epic

The world’s largest island will celebrate the 10th anniversary of its autonomy in 2020. Although 80% of its geography is covered with ice and there is no road connection between its towns, climbing fjords or skiing in the ice mountains can be an extraordinary idea.

Matera, Italy to experience life on the rocks

Built on and inside more than 1000 caves and passages, Matera is a wonderful city where natural limestone turns into boutique hotels, clubs, restaurants and abandoned houses. The city of stones, declared 2019 European Capital of Culture, is also fascinating with its hidden ancient heritage.

Cairo, Egypt to discover the treasures of the pharaohs

The Great Egyptian Museum, the largest museum dedicated to a single civilization in the world, with its 483,095 square meter width and cost of billions of dollars, opens in the first half of 2019. 2019 is the perfect time to see 50,000 historical artifacts, including more than 5,000 items of Tutankhamun’s son, which have never been exhibited anywhere before, and to discover the treasures of Egyptian civilization.

Galway, Ireland to be inspired by new ideas

Although it is the westernmost point of Europe, City of Tribes has recently been a center of attraction. Galway, which is the 2018 European Gastronomy Center and will be the European Capital of Culture in 2020, seems to be the scene of new community heritage and art projects for a year in between. Make sure to visit the island’s untouched land and eat oysters when you go to the area where pop-up culture cafes and tense rope walking are popular.

Salvador, Brazil to find your rhythm

You can hear music from bossa nova samba to many genres in Salvador, the musical heart and soul of Brazil. You can join the Salvador Carnival to be held between 27 February and 5 March to listen to Axé, the region’s native Afro-Caribbean-Brazilian pop music genre, at the biggest street party in the world. Maybe it’s time to wake the dancer inside you.

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Macedonia to print your name on an adventure

In its geography enriched with mountains and lakes, Macedonia hosts three different and very rich national parks: Galicica, Mavrovo and Pelister. You can go kayaking in the lakes in the parks, paragliding in the valleys or tour the area on horseback.

South Walton County, Florida to admire the marine life

South Walton, which is located in Florida, whose coast is threatened by hurricanes and red plankton, shows a very proactive attitude towards self-protection. Enriching 16 beaches with artificial coral reefs to increase the diversity of sea creatures, the region is ideal for snorkeling and exploring the underwater world.